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April 4, 2011
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Robin stood in front of his boyfriend Wally West's bedroom door, clutching the edge of his bright red pajama shirt tightly, biting his lower lip. He desperately wanted to go in, but not because he was feeling freaky that night, no. It was just one of those nights; a night where all the bad in your life hits you like a kick in the chest by an elephant, where you feel vulnerable and helpless, and you just want someone to hold you while you let it all out. He yearned to be enclosed in the wonderful embrace of his lover but he wondered to himself if Wally would try something more or shoo him away for disturbing his sleep. That was the last thing Robin wanted.

But finally he decided that what would happen would happen and pushed open the door. He made sure not to make too much noise, closing the door behind without  so much as a squeak. He quietly made his way over to the sleeping figure on the bed of his boyfriend. Robin took a moment to revel in the moment, enjoying watching the older boy breathe in and out calmly, savoring the peaceful expression on his face. Wally West was usually hyperactive and constantly moving so moments like these were extremely rare. Robin started to lift a hand to brush away a few strands of red hair when he found a pair of emerald eyes suddenly staring up at him.

"What's wrong?" the ginger asked, a sleepy, concerned look on his face. Robin stood there speechless for a few seconds, amazed that he had been sensed in his sleep.

"Oh, um, nothing, just-"

"Climb on in, man." Wally scooted over and lifted the covers, gesturing for the younger boy to join him. Robin didn't hesitate and crawled in beside him, snuggling up close. He felt two arms encircle him gently and he didn't fight it. He needed that touch. "Now, what's wrong, Dick?"

Robin felt comfort in the way Wally said his real name. "I just…I feel like everything that's happened to me and is going on with me is crushing me…like a giant weight."  He felt Wally start to stroke his hair softly and smoothly and he started to relax. "It's happened before but…I…I don't know why it happens, or what sets it off."  He felt a sob rise in his throat.

"Keep talkin' to me, Dick. Tell me what's troubling you."

Robin obliged gratefully. "My parents...their deaths, becoming Robin, fighting crime, losing battles, the Justice League, the team, you-" The sob broke through and he tried to quiet it down some. Tears pooled in his eyes before falling down in tiny streams, silently landing on his boyfriend's bare chest.

"Let it out, Dick. I'm here. It's okay. I'm here. Just let it out."

And he did. He let all of his pain out, crying so hard that his body shook. Wally held him tighter, closer, comforting the boy that meant the most to him in the entire world. They stayed like that for who knows how long. Time didn't matter to them anymore. Not at all.

Finally, Dick's body stopped shaking and his tears stopped flowing. Wally took his thumb and wiped away the remaining tears on his cheeks and under his eyes.

"Feel better?"  Robin nodded.

"That's my little bird."

How does he know?

Robin looked up at him.

How does he know just what to say to calm my nerves?

Wally leaned down and kissed his forehead lightly.

How does he know how and where to touch me to make me instantly feel at ease?

Wally pulled back then leaned down again a moment later, closing his eyes and kissing Robin sweetly on his tiny, soft lips.

How does he know exactly what I need and that only he can make me feel better?

They looked each other in the eyes, smiling lovingly at each other before Robin buried his head in the older teen's chest.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"No problem," Wally whispered back, a smile in his voice. "Anything for you."

"I love you, Wally."

"I love you too."
This was produced because I watched an AMV of Cardcaptor Sakura with the song "At the Beginning" and I really needed to do something to let how I felt out.

I really love that song. It's so beautiful and romantic and emotional and I never really noticed that until I got older and fell in love with Romance.

The lyrics that really made this happen were "I'll be there when the world stops turning, I'll be there when the storm is through. In the end I wanna be standing at the beginning with you."

Comment, por favore~ They keep me from destroying my surroundings. ^^

Kid Flash/Wally West and Robin/Richard "Dick" Grayson (c) DC Comics
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I almost cried this was so sweet!!!
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a very interesting story

wise that of the 3 founders of the Young Justice comic (Impulse / Bart, Superboy / Conner, Robin / Tim)

Tim is the one who is still a virgin

if you did not know
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