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April 16, 2011
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Robin sat at one of the many wooden tables in the public library, reading a book detaliling all the latest computer technology. The entire team was there, mostly because of Megan. She had said she'd wanted to go an Earth library for the longest time. Superboy had never been to one and Kald'r could always use more books so there was really no debate about it. So there they were. Megan and Superboy were browsing the nonfiction while Kald'r was in the non-fiction. And KF was...moving around from shelf to shelf, never staying in one place for too long.

Short attention span and all that.

Any other day Robin would have smiled at the redhead's erratic behavior but not today. He was not in a good mood. Pissed off was an understatement. And it was all KF's fault. The speedster circled around a few more times before slipping into the seat next to the young hero.

"Hey Rob what's-"

"Shhhhhh!" Several voices hissed in unision, irritation clear on their daces.

"Sorry," KF whispered with a shrug. Her turned back to his boyfriend to continue but stopped. He noticed the way his small lips were down in an angry frown and the look on his face fell. "Rob, what's wrong?"



The dark-haired boy simply turned the page swiftly and sharply, sending a crisp sound resonating through the air. Wally didn't know what to do until an idea hit his constantly thinking mind. He went off to find what he needed and returned shortly, paper and pencil inhand. He hurriedly scribbled something down before flicking it over to land on top of Robin's open book. The Boy Wonder stared at it for a second before reading it.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
My dear little bird
What bothers you?

The "little bird" glanced over at the ginger who had a cheeky grin on his face before turning back and jotting something down in response. He flicked the paper back to its owner and returned to his book. Wally began to read each word written in perfect, beautiful handwriting with anticipation.

You ask me what's wrong?
Why, I have to thank you
But what bothers me now
Would have to be you

He stared at the words, surprise clear on his face before writing once more.


What do you mean?
What did I do wrong?


You've forgotten already?
Maybe it's been too long


Just tell me what's wrong
Why make this so hard?


Hard? HARD?
I'll tell you what's hard.

Hard is going out
With the one you love most
Talking to himall night
Laughing at him boast

Hard is waiting for him
After he receives a call
To watch as he goes
As his figure grows small

Hard is being told
That he'll be right back
To wait in the cold
Having a panic attack

Hard is being left alone
To cry and cry
To just sit there and wonder
Why oh Why?

Hard is being worried sick
About the one you love
To not receive a cal
To wonder if now he's up above

So tell me if you can
If I've made it so hard
Harder than what you made me feel
Yeah, I went and played that card.

Wally just sat there unable to take his eyes away, mouth gaping open and eyes wide as headlights. Expression unchanging he looked at his lover who was biting his now quivering bottom lip. Without another word he grabbed the other's pale hand and led him outside into spot behind the library where no one could see. It was time to talk for real.

"Rob, I...I'm so sorry I-"

"You what? Just forgot about me?" Robin spat the words out, sharp as thorns. Wally winced .

"I..It's...I'm sorry! My uncle was in trouble so I went to help! And then he invited me to get a bite to eat and one thing led to another and-"

A bone dry laugh cut through his words.

"Right right. I can understand going off to help your uncle. I can maybe understand your mind getting occupied. But the worst part, the part that hurts the fucking most, is that you didn't call me."

The older teen tried to speak but Robin wasn't finished.

"Why didn't you call? Why couldn't you have at least remembered to call? God, I was so damn worried about you, not getting an inch of sleep because I didn't know if you were hurt, fine, dead, or alive." His voice cracked, tears threatening to fall.. "I've lost too many people important in my life and I couldn't stand losing you...."

The severity of what Wally had done slammed into him and he felt immediate shame. He had hurt the person he loved most in the world all because of his damn inability to pay attention and remember. His own voice threatening to crack he just moved closer and gathered the boy up in his arms tightly, eyes closed. The small and vulnerable younger teen clutched onto his back with his shaking hands and cried. Wally did nothing; there was nothing he could say at that moment to make it better. No one bothered about the time but Robin did eventually stop. He back away slightly, removing his glasses and wiping the tears away from his eyes. Wally risked a question.

"I am so sorry...I...I can't even tell you how much. What can I do? What can I do to make it right?"

The Boy Wonder didn't answer for a while, whether from thinking or spite he did not know. But he did eventually get an answer.

"Tell me you love me."

Wally blinked. Had he just heard right?

"Tell me you love me and make me believe it."

The taller teen stood there, seriously thinking. How could he do it? How could he show him that he meant the world to him and that he'd do anything for him.  At some point he just stopped thinking and acted. With a gentleness he didn't know he had he pressed his lips against Robin's and sealed his lips with a kiss. He didn't pick up speed. He didn't kiss him roughly.He didn't stroke his body with his hands. He just held him there, letting all that he felt at that moment transfer through the soft contatc of lips. Then he pulled away, staring into those beautiful ocean-blue eyes as he said the three words.

"I love you."

A tiny smile actually found it's way on Robin's mouth as he rested his forehead against the other's chest.

"Then it's alright." The arms around him tightened again in repsonse.

"It's alright.
Because I'm the only one who gets up at 7am on a Saturday.

Started the rough draft yesterday in my notebook, finished it up here.

I'm sorry if the story suddenly went downhill or something. IT started getting real angsty and deep without me really meaning to. And I apologize for the one super cuss word. I must've had some extra hurt hidin somehwere. oh the pain from a repeatedly broken heart I feel like crying now and idk why.

The poetry note thingie idea came from it being National Poetry Month and watching Dead Poets Society. We're going to finish it in English class Monday.

And ya know, sometimes it's kinda weird writing fanfiction with Robin and KF in it cuz I used to have a best friend named Rob. so i'm just like "*flashes back to best friends face* OTL PFFF"

Listened to:
"Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson
"My Immortal" by Evanescence

So...I hope you guys like this!

And please comment. : ) It helps me combat the writer's block that is coming for me.

Kid Flash/Wally West & Robin/Richard "Dick" Grayson (c) DC Comics
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Charmiam Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
This is really good this is like the third time I have read it I just can't stop you write the best stuff ever , I love the poetry involved in this it makes it more adorable
b3ccab Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Writer
for once i say thank you to dc comics for making the young justice legue and giving you an idea to write an amazing story.
shonenailover123 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
OMG! That was super good writing! i really liked what you did with the poetry notes in the library. it was really cute!
danic97 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
That was THE most beautiful thing I've read today!!
Temeraire101 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Student Writer
the poem part made me crack up laughing! XD
akatorg13 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
T_T that is sooo cute!!!
BOBSISAWESOME Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
so cute, but really sad :/ great, now im bawling like a baby! this is awesome, please write mores?
iLuvKahl619 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
this was the cutest fan fic i've ever read!! :heart: i especially love the first part of the poem!! :) that was adorable~ lol and i loved the poem so much that i just wrote it down so i wont forget it :heart:
Ryohei-Sasagawa Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011

(the poetry aspect was genius!)
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